Finally bank financing
that makes sense for small business

Amazing Features

We are more concerned about making small and medium scale businesses bankable and able to secure loans and incentives to grow their business

Easy Sign Up

Signing up for Benjii is quick and easy so you can focus on building your business

Connected Platform

Benjii integrates with other apps and services you use, reducing the number of apps you need to run your business

Better Banking

Benjii provides business insights that significantly increase probability of obtaining bank financing. Getting a bank loan has never been easier

Always At Your Fingertips

Our Powerful web and mobile apps empower you to run your business effortlessly

Transparent Pricing

Benjii offers flat fee monthly pricing, with no hidden costs.

Top Notch Service

Benjii is founded around service, you’ll never have to manage your business finances alone again.

Why Choose Benjii

Obtaining Finances

80% of business owners who apply for a bank loan each year are denied. At Benjii we’ve figure out how to get business owners approved for their financing needs. Sign up for Benjii and never worry about financing to grow your business again.

Why Choose Benjii

Good Accounting

Managing accounting & taxes more than likely isn’t why you decided to open a business. Don’t worry, that’s exactly why we decided to open up our business. With Benjii not only do you never have to worry about accounting & taxes, but our platform makes sure you gain the business insights needed to grow your business.

Become Bankable.

We work hard to provide business insights that make sure you know the health of your business. Schedule to talk with us about making your business bankable

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How Benjii Works!!

Giving Small to Medium size businesses Big Business financial tools.

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